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Power Electronics Technical Interview Questions [Ametek Aerospace]

Power Electronics Technical Interview Questions asked in Ametek Aerospace

               One of our friend shared his interview experience. The position is for Senior Power Electronics Engineer with 5 year experience. We believe that it will be usefull for your interview preparation...

The following questins were asked in the interview...

[1]  How to choose a micro controller?
[2]  What is the difference between a LDO and a Linear regulator?
[3]  What is the difference between I2C and SPI?
[4]  What is the difference between logic analyzer and a oscilloscope?
[5]  On what crises do we select components/Selection of a capacitor?
[6] Opamps/ADC/DAC how do you interface them externally /which ADC/DAC you have been used  and why do you selected them/resolution ?
[7]  What are usages and issues with J-Tag debugger?
[8]  Any experience in Automation?
[9]  Emi/Emc testing and how do you conduct them?
[10]  What is the ESD protection how do you select any component to be ESD protected?
[11]  Experience with other protocols Explain?
[12]  Selection of capacitor, inductor?
[13]  Frequency required and interfacing with other peripherals?
[14]  Mixed signal interfacing circuits?
[15] Emc/Emi testing for immunity and radiation testing process and how do you conduct them and  where it has been done in your product..
[16]  FMEA analysis?
[17]  Power supply design for single phase for Dc-Dc converter?
[18]  DFT,DFM Analysis,reliability,RPN number preference
[19]  Production manufacturing issues?
[20]  Design process in HW/SW?
[21]  How do you conduct design reviews?
[22]  PCB manufacturing And placement analysis?
[23] How do you come to know that a micro controller is programmable and what are the issues that occurred while debugging?

Apart from the technical questions, our friend was faced with the usual interview questions like:

 [1] Tell me about yourself?
 [2] Carrier experience and Roles?
 [3] Past and present experience?
 [4] Kind of projects handled?
 [5] Preferred area of working
 [6] Why are you looking for a change?
 [7] Willing to relocate to Bangalore?
 [8] Roles and kind of job to be handled
 About work experience and clients working for in the present organization
 Roles and reporting personalities
 Projects description.

Please share your interview experience with our readers.... 
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  1. Hi this is suresh kumar , my first interview is very nice , first he is asking about my self details after subject and last question is whats recent watching movie and tell that story in English ,he is asking for my fluent in English . So don't take anything silly , try to know all . thank you